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Important Letter From Marquetta Breslin

In a few moments I'm going to tell you how you can qualify to be a part of a rare special event, my "Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar."

This unique 5-day training session will give you all the tools, training, inspiration, and motivation you need to become a top Lace Wig maker. And the best part is, you’ll get personal, hands-on training from me. But more on that in a minute...

You may be asking why I'm choosing a seminar format to present my Lace Wig-making information. The answer is simple. The fact is, I get so many requests for my services that there's no way I can possibly create all of the lace wigs people want me to make, so I need other skilled wig makers to refer these potential clients to for services.

If you qualify to attend, as I'll explain below, my goal is to give you a seminar experience you will look back on as a turning point in your life – two unforgettable days when your knowledge of Lace Wigs will come together as never before... when you’ll see new opportunity with a new vision... when you will finally be able to convert your wig-making knowledge into wealth... when you will know in your heart that you have secured your financial independence because of the life-changing knowledge you have received.

The Particulars

The Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar is a 5-day event held at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

"You Will Make Your Money Back and More!"

Almetra Hagler I would like to thank Marquetta for the awesome Lace Wig seminar! I have been making wigs on a pre-made cap and I wanted to make them look more natural. Coming and learning this information will help me do just that. Marquetta is a great teacher! She takes the time with each person to make sure that you have it. Then she encourages you like a mom. After the first day I had my money's worth of information because I could do what I came for already! Take the seminar. You will not be disappointed. You will make your money back and more!

Almetra Hagler
Birmingham, Alabama

The seminar will include both live and video presentations – including some exclusive, previously unseen footage – as well as hands-on exercises and plenty of time for your questions. I’ve mixed the content of this seminar to ensure a valuable learning experience for everyone involved. All you have to do is show up and bring your questions with you.

Attendance at my Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminars is limited (I'll sometimes make an exception and allow a few more people, depending on the situation) because I want to give you as much personal time and attention as possible. This is a real benefit for those who attend, but because of this strict limitation, my seminars normally sell out every time. So, if you want to attend, I strongly urge you to reserve your place immediately.

Just picture yourself in a room with other like-minded individuals, and me – all of us winners, all of us creating life-long relationships and friendships. That's right – my seminar is about much more than learning how to create beautiful Lace Wigs. It's about forming business partnerships and friendships and helping each other.

You'll find that the men and women you’ll meet at my seminar are unlike many other people you know – I pride myself on attracting the best of the best. And you'll find that the connections you'll make at my seminar are easily worth the price of tuition in themselves.

And now, let me walk you through a sneak preview of my Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar.

* Here's What You'll Learn*

Before We Begin

In our “Welcome” session after breakfast, I’ll introduce myself and invite each attendee to do the same. After I cover a few logistics, we'll jump right into the “meat” you came for. Unlike most seminars, my Lace Wig Training Seminar is presented in an energized, hands-on environment. We’ve got a full schedule, and a lot to accomplish – so let’s get going!

The History of Lace Wigs

In our initial session, I’ll present the History of Lace Wigs. Now, if the mere mention of the word “history” makes you think of a class you hated in junior high, better think again. This isn’t some dry, boring history lesson.

"I’m leaving with a lifetime skill that I can apply to my very own business!"

Nicole Jennings So, I was a little skeptical at first! Only because of the unknown. But Marquetta is amazing. Very professional and best of all knowledgeable. She took her time explaining the lace wig process as well as answering questions. I’m leaving with a lifetime skill that I can apply to my very own business! Thanks for the hands on experience, tips, and expertise. It is greatly appreciated.

Nicole Jennings
Virginia Beach, Virginia

The history of Lace Wigs is fascinating, and understanding that history is crucial to your success. In fact, if anyone tries to teach you how to create Lace Wigs without presenting their history and explaining how that history applies to Lace Wigs today, they have it all backwards.

The information I’ll deliver in this session will make you look like a star, and your expert knowledge will let your clients know they can trust you. Your understanding of the History of Lace Wigs will enhance your credibility – and ultimately increase the money you make.

In my presentation, you’ll discover the answers to the following questions:

  • How long have Lace Wigs been around?
  • What civilizations wore Lace Wigs?
  • What was the significance of Lace Wigs, back in the day?
  • How did early Lace Wigs evolve into the Lace Wigs we create today?
  • How can knowing the history of Lace Wigs make money for you today?

With the correct information at your fingertips, you'll be completely confident when family, friends, and clients throw questions your way. You'll answer them with authority – as if you've been creating Lace Wigs for years!

Choosing the Right Hair

I will walk you through the step-by-step process of choosing the correct hair for your Lace Wigs. I’ll talk about troublesome issues I've dealt with in wig-making – AND I’ll show you how to avoid those issues.

"This Seminar Was One of the Best Experiences of My Life"

Nicole JenningsThis seminar was one of the best experiences of my life! I feel I paid too little for Marquetta’s time and materials. She was patient and kind, she took the time to make sure that we all learned how to ventilate, and was happy to answer all questions. The people that I met were inspiring, strong, and God- blessed women that I will forever remember. I never felt like I was a Lace Wig Training Center customer, I felt Like I was Marquetta’s friend, and she wasn’t about to let me leave without understanding what I came to learn.

Jessica Logsdon
Morgantown, WV

There will be time to answer all of your questions. For example ...

  • What's the BEST type of hair to use when creating a Lace Wig? The answer to this question can vary, but I'll share with you exactly what you need to know so you won't make the mistakes I made when I first started making Lace Wigs.
  • Why is Remy Hair better than regular hair? This answer may surprise you. There are times when you may NOT want to use Remy hair; I'll share all the details with you at the seminar.
  • Should I ever use Yacky Hair when creating a Lace Wig? Believe it or not, there are instances where you SHOULD use Yacky Hair, and those instances probably aren’t what you think. There are only very specific circumstances in which I recommend Yacky Hair, and you'll get all the details at the seminar.
  • And a whole lot more!

As you can see, you have a lot of decisions to make before choosing which type of hair you need for your Lace Wig. Most people choose the wrong hair and waste hours creating a wig that will never look right. Don't make these same mistakes. You can avoid them – and I'll show you how.

Cap Construction

"I Learned a Ton From This Seminar"

Faye SingletonI was a little fearful in the beginning. Had I made the right decision? Can I actually learn to do this well enough to make a business of it? It wasn’t easy… nothing worthwhile is… but with a made-up mind there is nothing you can’t do…practice, practice…by the end of the seminar I can ventilate, not fast yet. I completed my “barbershop mustache” project….I learned a ton from this seminar. I met many interesting people. If you are serious, you can do it – a wise investment for the price!

Faye Singleton
South Carolina

One of the best things about my seminar is the hands-on experience you’ll get. I’ll demonstrate the my very own cap construction techniques I use to create beautiful full lace wigs, closures, frontals and more.

There are a million different ways to construct a cap for wigmaking, but the key is making sure it fits like a glove for your client, so both your measurements, and mold must be a perfect fit in order for your cap to fit properly. You'll learn my propriteary technique to make sure your you don't ever have a fitting problem.

Blocking Your Pattern & Lace

Here I’ll explain blocking your pattern and lace and why it’s so important. I’ll demonstrate my proven techniques for positioning your wig and attaching it to the wig block. I’ll show you what could go wrong – like ripping through the lace and having to start over, wasting hours of hard work – AND I’ll show you how to avoid those costly mistakes!


"I’m A Novice Wig Maker And I’m Leaving Here With the Knowledg to Become a Master"

Nicole JenningsI’m extremely pleased and satisfied with my experience at The Lace Wig Training Seminar. I’m a novice wig maker, and I’m leaving here with the knowledge to become a master. Marquetta is professional and patient, which are important characteristics for a teacher. I’m a fan for life, and I hope to be able to have the success that she is enjoying. I recommend this seminar to anyone interested in wearing or making quality, beautiful wigs.

S. Diane Salley
Plantation, FL

Ventilating is the process of hand-knotting the hair directly to the lace foundation. Knowing the right way to ventilate is the cornerstone of making a natural-looking wig. In fact, ventilation is such a fundamental part of the Lace Wig-making process that I’ve reserved the largest block of time in my seminar for this very special presentation.

I’ll demonstrate four different ventilating techniques –single knots, double knots, split knots, and cross knotting – and I’ll explain when and how to use each one. I’ll show you a fun little ventilating exercise that, with just a little practice, will almost guarantee that you will NEVER snag your lace with your ventilating needle. (Skip this exercise, and you risk snagging or tearing your lace and having to start over.)

Best of all, you’ll have time to practice ventilating a small square, and I’ll be right there to observe, to make suggestions, and to answer your questions. This is an intensive session, heavily hands-on, with lots of personal interaction between you and me. Ventilating is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, and I will work with you to make sure you understand the techniques that make it easier.

You can also take your practice piece with you and continue working on it in the evening. Then, first thing after breakfast in the morning, before we launch into the Day Two schedule, I’ll spend some time answering your questions and addressing any problems you’ve encountered.

Your Time – Make the Most of It

We will wrap each day with a Q&A session where you an ask me any question you have and I'm right there to answer or demonstrate the answer live.

"It Was Worth Every Penny!"

Tracey Washington Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! On top of the fact that the class was more informative than I imagined it would be, Marquetta is so fun and personable! We met her family and her assistant, Ms. Holly, and it was like one big family reunion. On a professional note, Marquetta is the best at lace wig making. She is very knowledgeable about the craft, wig making history, anything else that has to do with wig making. I recommend this class 10x’s to anyone interested! It was worth every penny. Again, awesome experience!

Tracey Washington
Pembroke Pines, Florida

This is also an ideal time to get to know your fellow Lace Wig makers better. After all, we’re in this together, and you may be surprised to learn how much we all have in common. For example,

  • Like you, all the people who attend my seminars love to create things with their hands.
  • Like you, all the people who attend my seminars love to make other people feel happy and look great!
  • And like you, all the women who attend my seminars want to turn the knowledge and skills I give them into some real money!

Every time I find myself working with talented, creative, and inspired men and women, powerful things happen! You’ll come to my seminar to learn, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve crammed as much information into these two days as I possibly can, and the knowledge you’ll pick up from the presentations will bring you great rewards. In fact, you’ll find that the lessons you’ll learn in my Lace Wig Training Seminar are worth many times the price of tuition.

But now let me tell you something that may surprise you; the education you’ll receive in this seminar is what you pay for, and it’s a real bargain, but the lasting relationships you’ll make with the women you meet at the seminar are priceless – and they won’t cost you a thing!

Long after the seminar is over and you’ve put your knowledge to work creating beautiful Lace Wigs and generating more income, you will have new friends and business associates with whom you can share ideas, business tips, and wig-making techniques. You see, networking – in business and in life – is essential to success. When you attend my Lace Wig Training Seminar, you’ll establish the foundation of a network you’ll treasure for years to come.

Let me also say that I’ll be available for one-on-one or group discussions during our “leisure” time. I know we have a lot of material to cover, and I want this seminar to be the best learning experience of your life. I’ve been known to stay up until midnight, answering questions and participating in in-depth discussions with seminar students. Remember, this is YOUR time, so be sure to let me know what you need from me.

We’ll begin Day Two with a brief review of the material from Day One, which covered the basics of making a Lace Wig. We’ll also address any questions you still have about ventilating.

Then we’ll move right into our scheduled presentations for Day Two, in which we’ll address the techniques you can use to create beautiful, natural-looking wigs and avoid some common problems. We’ve got a full day ahead of us!

How to Measure Your Client for a Wig

"This Seminar Is The BOMB!"

Medora EavesThis seminar is the BOMB! The info is freely given. Sooo many tips, especially for me (I’m not a stylist). I certainly got way more than I expected. Marquetta is fun, personable, & the classmates are fun. I’d recommend this seminar to anyone interested.

Medora Eaves
Marietta, Georgia

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking an accurate measurement of your client’s head. It’s the only way your Lace Wig will have a perfect, natural, and comfortable fit. And believe me; if your client is paying a thousand dollars for a custom-made wig, it has to fit!

In this segment, I’ll present my techniques for taking precise measurements, and I’ll explain what each measurement means. I’ll demonstrate how to prepare your client’s hair before you measure – perhaps the most important step in getting an accurate measurement every time. Then you’ll have the opportunity to practice my measuring techniques.

Ever heard the old carpenter’s saying, “Measure twice, cut once?" The same rule applies here – one incorrect measurement and the wig will never be right. Measure accurately, and you’ll have a beautiful, natural-looking wig and a happy client; get it wrong, and all your hours of work to this point will be wasted. Master my techniques to avoid disaster every time.

Cap Construction

"Marquetta Is Full of So Many Helpful Techniques and She is So Fun"

Nicole Jennings “Wow!” Where do you start? From the time I walked in the door I felt very welcomed and like we were old friends. We were starting the hands-on technique from the beginning. Marquetta is full of so many helpful techniques and she is fun! She keeps things moving at a good steady pace. I feel like everything I learned this weekend will help me make wigs in the future of valuable quality. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Tonya Banes
Chesterfield, VA

Next, I’ll present a video in which I give instruction on cap construction. In the video, I discuss different methods of construction, as well as the use of galloon – what it is, when it should be used, and how to attach it. I also talk about using pre-made caps. People really get into this part of the seminar, so I allow plenty of time after the video for questions and answers.

All of the topics we’re covering in this seminar are extremely important. Using the correct techniques and products can literally make the difference between success and failure in your wig-making project. But of all the topics we cover in the Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar, cap construction is THE most critical phase in the wig-making process; if one detail or adjustment is wrong, you MUST start over from scratch.

But why take that chance? When you attend my seminar, I’ll teach you the proper methods of cap construction so you can get your wig right the first time.


"Amazing Teacher, Amazing Class, Amazing Food!"

Calli Varcajal Amazing teacher, Amazing class, Amazing food! Marquetta is simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge.

Calli Varcajal
Sunnyside, New York

Adhesives can be tricky. With so many varieties of adhesives on the market, deciding which one to use isn’t easy. I’ll discuss the different kinds of adhesives you might use – alone or in combinations – and I’ll explain why the best adhesive for one client isn’t necessarily the best for another. We’ll cover the importance of researching the adhesives to find the best one for your client’s unique body chemistry, and I’ll tell you how to ask your client about any chemical sensitivity issues so that you don’t end up with a medical emergency on your hands – or a lawsuit!

I’ll demonstrate the easiest and most effective taping method you’ll find anywhere, and finally, I’ll show you my personal attachment technique to avoid the kinds of mistakes that could mean many additional hours of hard work.

Attachment & Removal

Using the proper techniques for attachment and removal will add life to your Lace Wig and keep it looking beautiful. I’ll present a video showing you what can happen when things go wrong, and I’ll demonstrate how to avoid the pitfalls.

For instance, if you don’t attach the wig properly, it could literally fall off your client’s head. And if you don’t take care when removing the wig, you could damage the wig or injure your client. In this segment, I’ll show you how NOT to create problems for yourself.


Proper cleaning methods are absolutely essential to your Lace Wig’s longevity and appearance. I’ll explore products and techniques to keep your Lace Wig looking like new, and I’ll show you when to clean your wig and how to clean it the right way.

You’ll learn the best way to remove the adhesives from a client's skin and from the wig itself, depending on the type of adhesive you used. And I’ll demonstrate my preferred method for detangling the wig after you clean it, so you won’t lose hair from your wigs.

Maintenance & Repair

In addition to proper cleaning, I’ll show you a video on maintenance techniques to extend the life of your Lace Wigs. And I’ll show you how to repair a Lace Wig if it becomes damaged. In the video, I’ll illustrate how to repair major damage, like mending a wig that was ripped almost in half, as well as closing a small hole with lace patchwork.

Questions & Answers

This is the end of my presentation; the content of the next hour will be up to you. This is the time to get answers to all your questions and to learn from the questions posed by your fellow students.

When my Lace Wig Training Seminar is over, I want you to leave with a feeling of complete satisfaction. I’ll be there to answer your questions, to clarify any confusion, and to give you all the tools you need to be a successful Lace Wig creator. While you’re at the seminar, I encourage you to take full advantage of the access you’ll have to me, my instruction, and your fellow students. You’ll leave with all the knowledge, tools, and techniques you need for Lace Wig-making success, The rest is up to you!

How to Qualify

"Others Were Charging So Much Money to Teach The Same Things, but Their Reputation Didn't Come Close to Marquetta's"

Keenya EllisThis was such a great experience! Marquetta is truly a Godsend. To take the time to show others her craft is something she doesn’t have to do. I have learned so much, and I didn’t have to break the bank. Others were charging so much money to teach the same things, but their reputation didn’t come close to Marquetta’s. I learned about lace wig making, Nicki Manaj, and tip drill all in one weekend! (Inside Joke, LOL). The classmates were great. Holly, her Mom, and Ricky were so inviting. I would do it again, but I think I got it!

Keenya Ellis
Charlotte, North Carolina

To qualify for my Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar, all you have to do is submit an application. Just fill out the form below and let me know immediately. Don’t delay – these seats go fast. There are a limited amount of seats available, that’s it. If you miss out this time, we’ll add your name to a waiting list so you’ll have first opportunity to register for my next seminar.

I hate to have to be so strict about the enrollment limit, but this is the only way I can be sure that everyone who attends my seminar will receive the personal attention they came for – the one-on-one interaction that makes my seminars so successful.

Here's how it works. If you want to be a part of the "Breslin Group," please fill out the form below right now, while it's on your mind.

Please don't send any money now. All I need now is your commitment that you will attend.

Once you fill out the form below, one of my staff or I will get back to you with payment instructions. Then, all you’ll need to do is to make your payment by the deadline we’ll tell you, and your spot at my Lace Wig Training Seminar will be guaranteed.

120% Money Back Guarantee

After you arrive at the Seminar, you will have until 2 p.m. of Day One to determine if the seminar is right for you. If you aren’t convinced by 2 p.m. that first day that the information I'm presenting will be worth at least 12 times your investment, just let me know during the next break, and you will receive a 120% refund – no hassles, no hard feelings.

I love presenting my Lace Wig Training Seminar, but I don’t do them often because they demand such a large chunk of time from my schedule. So if you want to be one of the few who will enjoy this rare opportunity to learn my exclusive methods, I encourage you to act now. I know for certain that if you come to this seminar, you'll look back on the decision you made today as a turning point in your life.

If you feel my Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar is right for you, I invite you to act immediately. Just click on the link below and join your fellow Lace Wig-making superstars – the future stars who will comprise The Breslin Group.

Time for a Review

"This Was An Excellent Experience"

Nicole JenningsI thank God for Marquetta Breslin and her Lace Wig Training Seminar. This was an excellent experience! The only thing I’d change is, I would have done it sooner and not have procrastinated. This training was the first class I have taken since receiving my cosmetology license. I see this training system taking me to greater levels. I’ve always enjoyed changing my look, and I love how wigs can help you achieve that for a moment. The Lace Wig Training Seminar is “Great”! It’s easy to understand and very hands on. My favorite part was the time when Marquetta, and especially her mom, taking out the time to assure I got what I was doing. God bless Marquetta and her family.

Ebonnee Scruggs
Lawrence, IN

Review is an important part of every learning experience, and I’d like to take this opportunity to review with you just what you can expect when you attend my Lace Wig Training Seminar.

  • A rare opportunity to learn my Lace Wig-making methods in a welcoming, hands-on environment.
  • Personal one-on-one instruction and advice from me – a rare opportunity.
  • Insight into the history of Lace Wigs and how that history applies to the Lace Wigs of today.
  • Important information on how to select the right hair for your wig, as well as the best shampoos, coloring agents, and adhesives.
  • All the knowledge you need to construct, clean, maintain and repair Lace Wigs.
  • Answers to all of your questions about Lace Wig making.
  • An instant network of friends and business associates to share and grow with you.
  • A skill you can use to make some real money, doing what you love to do!
  • Your Certificate of Lace Wig Mastery diploma.

All of this, and no risk. You can attend my Lace Wig Making Seminar until 2 p.m. of Day One, and if you don’t believe it’s everything I’ve promised and more, I’ll refund your tuition.

Now I ask you – where else can you find a deal like this? We both know the answer: you can’t.

But if you’re still trying to decide whether my Lace Wig Training Seminar is right for you, consider the following:

You’re Worth It.

If you could learn a skill that would allow you to make real money... if you could learn a skill that would allow you to spend your days doing a job you love to do... if could do it all without punching a time clock or having to answer to a boss...

What Would It Be Worth to You?

Would it be worth $3,995? That’s right – only $3,995 for...

  • All the tools and training you need to learn to make and sell beautiful, natural looking Lace Wigs and Lace Wig Frontals
  • Five full days of seminar sessions with Marquetta Breslin
  • Abundant opportunity for personal instruction and advice from me.
  • A 120% Money-Back Guarantee
  • A skill that will return your tuition investment many times over
  • The Premium Lace Wig Tool Kit ($299 Value)

"I Feel Very Confident Making Lace Wigs with All the Information and Hands-On Experience Provided"

Jeanise Aviles I really enjoyed this workshop. I feel very confident making lace wigs with all the information and hands-on experience provided. Thank you for being a part of my future success!

Jeanise Aviles
New York City, New York

Suddenly $3,995 and two days of your time sound like a very small price to pay. And when you think of it in those terms, you’ll see why spaces in my Lace Wig Training Seminar sell out fast.

So give yourself a gift that will last a lifetime. Sign up for my Lace Wig Training Seminar today, and start creating the wig-making career of your dreams.

Marquetta Breslin Signature
Marquetta Breslin

Here’s Everything You Get!

TOTAL VALUE: $5,294.00...
Early Bird Price $3,995

Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar

$4,995.00 Value


Basic Lace Wig Tool Kit

$299.00 Value


One-on-One Training With Marquetta


Apply For the Seminar

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Next Seminar:

October 14-18, 2018


$3,995 or Two Payments of $1,999


Las Vegas, NV
Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

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