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Dear Beauty Professional,

In 1908, a 25-year-old freelance reporter walked into the offices of the world’s first billionaire… Andrew Carnegie.  Shortly after that meeting, this man was tasked with a goal never before attempted in the history of the world  – to document and explain the true science of success.

His work would forever change the lives of millions of people, including mine. This man’s name was Napoleon Hill.

While there are a lot of things this man discovered about how to create success, there’s one principle that has created more of an impact in my life than all of the others combined.

It’s actually the real secret  – the one I’ve never revealed  – that’s behind my success in the hair industry. I’m going to tell you this secret and then invite you to begin using it for yourself.

First, I want to make sure you’re clear on something most stylists have never been told:

There IS a “Science of Success”

Most stylists think that success is something that “happens” to you. I am here to tell you that is not the case. Success happens to you just as much as brushing your hair happens to you. You don’t think brushing your hair is anything too special because you know how to do it. Success is no different. It’s just that there’s no one out there teaching stylists how to do it.

You don’t hear about this in cosmetology school…. We ALL know that.

That’s why when you get out of school, the only thing you’re really trained to do is to work hard forever. Think about that: they’ve trained you to work hard, not to succeed.

If “working hard” is all you want out of life, then you can stop reading this letter right now. What I have is not for you. But if deep down in your gut you know that there’s something much greater waiting for you out there, then that’s a clue you might be in the right place.

“Working hard” wasn’t enough for me. That’s why – for more than 13 years – I’ve been focusing on how to achieve a level of success most stylists don’t even know exists.

I’ve been studying it. I’ve been studying the science behind success for well over a decade. And my study has brought me “the master keys” to unlock just about anything I want in my life.

The fact is, there is a way to do it. There is a science of success. And soon you will know how to put that to work for you.

How to Predict Your Future in 10 Seconds

Now I’m not psychic, but I have learned to predict the future. I can predict my future and I can predict your future. And I’m going to explain to you how I do it. Because it’s actually really simple. It’s something anyone can learn to do if you just pay attention.

Here’s how to do it:     

Take a look at the lives of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Take the average success level of those 5 people. What you’ve just done is painted a pretty clear picture of what your future is going to look like. It’s that simple.

In other words, you will become much like those you spend the most time with. If that’s not what you want, then it’s up to you to do something about it.

When I was growing up, the people I surrounded myself with did NOT paint a very bright picture for my future. Remember, I came from a town that didn’t even have a traffic light until not long ago!

It’s not that these were bad people. They were wonderful, smart, kind and loving people. But they weren’t living life at the level I knew I wanted to live. And that’s what led me to discover the secret I’m writing to you about today.

What is this secret?

It’s called, The Mastermind Principle. Here’s the definition, according to Napoleon Hill, who I mentioned earlier.

The Mastermind Principle occurs when…

“Two or more people work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

This “Mastermind” could be a group of two people, or it could be a group of 1,000. It doesn’t matter. As long as those people are working in harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose, the Principle will be in effect.

The reason most stylists work hard to barely make ends meet is because they are missing two of the most important ingredients in the science of success. First, they are missing a clear and definite purpose. Second, they are missing the leverage you receive from the power of the Mastermind Principle.

If you’ve ever felt like you are out there all by yourself trying to build the life of your dreams… that’s a clue that deep down, in your soul, you already KNOW just how powerful this Principle is.

How the Mastermind Principle Transformed My Entire Life

I stumbled upon the Mastermind Principle years ago before I even knew what it was. I guess you could say I “got lucky” because I benefitted from it before I had a clue about how it worked. You actually don’t even need to understand how it works to reap great rewards. You just have to be willing to use it.

The first time my husband Ricky and I used this principle, it helped us to generate $13,000 in a single week. We felt like we had just hit the lottery. Do you know how long it took us to earn $13,000 when we were in the Air Force? It took MONTHS of us both working 8 hours every single day.

With the Mastermind Principle in play, it was much FASTER.

The reason the Mastermind Principle is so effective is that it puts to work the greatest gift each of us has been given. In Napoleon Hill’s words, this gift is a “power which is greater than poverty, greater than a lack of education, greater that all of your fears and superstitions….

What is this power?

It’s the “the power of your mind and your ability to direct it to whatever goal you choose.”

The Mastermind Principle allows you to leverage the knowledge, experience, connections and achievements of others so you can create success more easily and more quickly.
That’s how Ricky and I got that $13,000 in just one week. We used the Mastermind Principle to leverage someone ELSE’S knowledge and experience to accomplish what was impossible for us to do alone. And we never looked back.

Since those early days, we’ve used this Mastermind Principle over and over again.

It’s easy to get excited when you start to think about it. I STILL get excited, and I’ve been using this principle for years. So just to make sure we’re clear, understand that the Mastermind Principle is NOT the same as the “EZ Button!”

It’s not like waving a magic wand. If it was, everyone would be doing it. And clearly, that’s not the case. Success is a little more like peeling an onion than a bright flash of light. It’s a process; it is not an event.

So as long as we’re on the same page about that, then I’m going to present an invitation to you that could very well transform the future of your life. This invitation is for stylists who know there is a bigger and better life out there waiting for them. I certainly knew that all those years ago. I just didn’t understand how to get from Point A, where I was, to Point B, where I wanted to go.

And that’s what makes me so excited to extend to you an invitation to put the Mastermind Principle to work for you. Consider this your invitation to enroll in…

The First EVER Mastermind For Million Dollar Stylists®!

It’s called The Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind. And it’s something that has never been done before in the hair industry on this level. I’m going to bring the Mastermind Principle straight to your home or salon -- each and every month -- and help you use it to completely transform your life.

We’ll even get to meet (in person!) if you choose to join. So let me explain to you some of the benefits you will receive if you are accepted as a member:

Million Dollar Stylist Mastermind Benefits

Private Podcast

Mastermind Member Benefit #1:

Million Dollar Stylist Private Podcast
($39.00/mo. Value)

On the 5th of each month, you’ll receive a brand new recording of our Private Podcast for Mastermind Members only. This will be a behind the scenes conversation between Ricky and Marquetta and will be packed with personal and proven advice that will help you attract clients, work less and make more, keep your thinking BIG, and transform your business and life on all levels.

We might make you laugh, and we might make you cry. But what I guarantee is that we’re going to keep that fire lit under you so that you stay on your journey to create the life and business of your dreams. You deserve to achieve success, and we are going to help you get there.

What's Working In Hair

Mastermind Member Benefit #2:

The Science of Success Audio Seminar
($29.00/mo. Value)

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Napoleon Hill

On the 15th of each month, your Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind membership will include a monthly “Science of Success” audio seminar. Whether you’re hearing from me or my husband Ricky or another expert from our network of advisors and trusted business friends, you’ll receive a regular dose of the “mind food” you need to reset your mindset, strengthen your belief in YOU, and stay clear on the success you want to create.


Mastermind Member Benefit #3:

Monthly Private Training Webcast
($79.00/mo. Value)

On the 25th of each month, you'll get the Private Training Webcast. Living the life of a Million Dollar Stylist® is a process, not an event. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s a decision you make every day. To help you constantly improve your tactical skills, you’ll receive a monthly private webcast focused on “what’s working now” in the industry.

We’ll talk about what we’re doing right now to grow our business. You’ll get to avoid doing what doesn’t work and spend more time doing what does work.

MDS Implementation Audio

Mastermind Member Benefit #4:

Exclusive 30% OFF Coupon For Online Classes!

As a Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind Member, you will have access to a special coupon code that will qualify you for a full 30% OFF every Million Dollar Stylist® product/online class you purchase while your Membership is active.

While the first four Member Benefits are truly exciting, I’ve saved the best for last! This coupon cannot be combined with other coupons.

MDS Monthly Stack

Mastermind Member Benefit #5:

FREE Annual Ticket To Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! ($99/yr Value)

For each year you remain an active member of the Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind, you will receive an annual complimentary ticket to Million Dollar Stylist LIVE!

You pay absolutely nothing for your ticket. If you want to come to the next Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! event, simply call or e-mail us and we will put you on the guest list and mail your ticket to you free of charge.

5 Reasons You Should Not Join...

The Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind is not right for you if…

  1. You are looking for a quick fix, something for nothing, or a fast-track-to-success solution. You will not find it here. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other people who are willing to make you a promise like that. I am not.
  2. You “know it all” and are more interested in proving it to others than you are in growing YOURSELF.
  3. You are not willing to think and act “outside the box.” If you want to achieve a level of success far and above the average stylist, then you must be willing to think and act in ways that are different than they do.
  4. You think the world owes you success. Nothing could be further from the truth. So if that’s what you believe, you don’t belong here.
  5. You are not ready to actually believe in yourself. Despite all of the training and skills I’ve acquired over the years, my belief in you can never make-up for YOUR belief in you. If you’re not ready to stand up and shine, this is not for you.

If you can read through the five reasons above and still be confident that the Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind is for you, then I encourage you to join below.

I would like nothing more than to welcome you as the newest Mastermind Member.

You will be blown away by what the Mastermind Principle will help you achieve in your own life, and I can’t wait to watch it all happen!

It's simple to join. Just read the Mastermind Membership Form below and click the green button. Once you click the green button, you'll have instant access to my training and be an official member.

Marquetta Breslin


CEO & Founder

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  • I promise to never reveal what I learn in the Mastermind and understand that the information being shared is for my personal use only.
  • I understand that if I'm not thrilled with my Mastermind Membership for any reason, I can easily cancel at any time with no hassle or hard feelings.
  • I understand that the Million Dollar Stylist® Mastermind fee is $29 per month, billed monthly.
  • I understand that I get a free annual ticket to Million Dollar Stylist LIVE! as long as I'm an active member.
  • And lastly, I understand Marquetta and Ricky dedicate enormous personal time and effort to their Mastermind members and there are no refunds. But I understand that I can cancel at any time by simply calling (800) 910-8703 or using this contact form.

You get all this!

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