“I love doing this and can’t wait to get my business going!”


I saw Marquetta showing the lace wig on you tube, after watching the video I wanted to learn how to make my own and start my own business, so I clicked on her link and ordered her system and got started on the learning process. I was so excited that as soon as it came in the mail I read everything and watched all the videos. She make it look so easy. I already had some experience hooking a rug, so i figured this would be great for me. I got everything I needed to get started together and I made my mistakes, but you learn from your mistakes. When I finally finished, I was so proud of myself. I couldn't wait to put it on. Which also is a task in itself when you are putting it on yourself, so much different than putting it on someone else. But I love doing this and can’t wait to get my business going.

Yevette Williams,
Pittsburgh, PA

“You Made My Dream A Reality!”

About a year ago I purchased Marquetta Breslin’s Lace Wig Training System. I learned so much from all the videos! I was also fortunate enough to attend her Lace Wig Training Seminar in South Carolina in February 2010, which reinforced everything I learned from the videos. She gave us tips and advice that you would never get from the series. As a result of attending I was able to create my first lace frontal wig and I’m on my way to starting my own custom lace wig business! Thank you Marquetta for all your help and support. You made my dream a reality!

Carmelesha Matthewson,
Zebulon, NCL

"I will be starting my full head lace wig in a few weeks."


My long awaited frontal application is done! This is my first time applying it so bear with me, I’M A NEWBIE! Now that I’m finished with the lace frontal I will be starting my full head lace wig in a few weeks. I’m going to do that one in some Remy hair. Pray for me 8-)!

Chantaya Greene,
New York, NY

“I was able to start creating lace wigs in no time…fulfilling my dream to start a business”

About a year ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone several months of Chemotherapy. As a result, she experienced complete hair loss. She despised wearing pre-made wigs because they never fit properly. To her dismay I was inspired to create custom wigs for people experiencing hair loss as the result of a medical condition. No sooner than I decided to pursue this idea I received an email from Marquetta launching her new Lace Wig Training series. Because I had purchased some of her other videos in the past and had great success I decided to purchase the system.

I was also fortunate enough to attend her hands-on Lace Wig Training seminar in South Carolina that reinforced everything I learned from the videos. As a result of attending her Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar, I was able to start creating lace wigs in no time for my mother and on my way to fulfilling my dream to start a business creating lace wigs for people experiencing hair loss. Marquetta is truly gifted in her abilities to teach and train. Thank you Marquetta, because of you my dream is now a reality.

Denise Robinson
Richmond, VA

This system is worth every penny I paid for it and more!


After losing my hair due to a medical condition, lace front wigs seemed to be the only option for me. But I could never afford to pay to have a custom wig made for me. Making my own lace wigs seemed like an impossible feat until I discovered Marquetta's Lace Wig Training System. Marquetta walks you through the wig making process every step of the way. Her DVD's are professionally made and easy to understand. This system is worth every penny I paid for it and more! The first lace wig I made was a challenge, but with Marquetta's training videos just a "play" button away, I always felt confident that I would finish. I am currently making my second wig and with practice and persistence, as well as Marquetta's training system on hand, I am sure there will be more beautiful wigs to come.

Mary Negron,
Augusta, GA

“I have already finished two full closure pieces and now I’m starting on a full lace wig!”

My name is Shlomi Mor and I’m a New York City based stylist who works in the fashion industry. I constantly work with extensions and hairpieces as my work demands the best quality hair. I always wondered how I could get the best custom wig quality to the market for a reasonable price. Soon I found out that I need to make them by myself and so I started searching for the best mentor who could teach me how to make custom lace wigs. After researching for hours and hours and seeing a lot of fake websites and overpriced schools I found the best of them all, Marquetta Breslin and The Lace Wig Training Center!

I attended Marquetta’s Lace Wig Seminar and the learned so much, the class was a LOT of fun and most of all, Marquetta makes everything look easy and achievable. I have already finished two full closure pieces and now I’m starting on a full lace wig! I would recommend Marquetta to anybody!

Shlomi Mor,
New York City, NY

I highly recommend this program…Go out and order it …you will not be disappointed!

Let me first say – Thank You Marquetta for offering such a wonderful program. You’re giving me a wonderful gift…one that I’ll use for the good. The reason I ordered the program was to help children suffering from illnesses, which resulted in hair loss (e.g., Alopecia, Cancer, etc.). I wanted to learn this skill, so I could help other people.

So my quest began. I searched relentlessly on the Internet to find any information I could about lace wig making. To my surprise – there were few sites available offering free/nominal cost quality information. I found a few sites that taught the single knot technique, but it did not go into greater detail of density control, hair direction, pattern making, etc. (basically all the essential information one would need to know in order to properly complete a natural looking lace wig). The few courses I found online that promised to show you the complete details of wig making cost on average $2,000 for a 2-3 day seminar. In this day, time and economy – who can afford that! Not me! So needless to say, I was extremely frustrated by this point.

But just when I was about to say forget the whole thing, I came across Marquetta’s program “Lace Wig Training System”. Finally, there was hope. So I read the informational letter on her website about the program and read about all the things that were going to be taught in the program. At this point, Hope became Excitement. When I found the program, it was not readily available but was scheduled for re-launch in about a week. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity - so my goal to ensure this was to be the first to order (as I didn’t know how many were on-hand and didn’t want to take the chance of it going out-of-stock). On the day and hour of the launch, I was ready and excited. I placed my order and although I wasn’t the first to purchase it – I was the second!

The delivery of the training program was fast and the product was very professionally packaged. As I opened and perused the training information and videos, the first thing I remember thinking was that this is a lot of information. Marquetta’s program is a wealth of valuable and useful information. It took me practically a month to review, digest, and to thoroughly understand the complete program before I even started any of the exercises or projects. Marquetta’s program is an abundance of information: ventilating techniques, blocking techniques, density control, hair direction planning and design, creating a natural hair and neckline, hair facts and information, supplier details, forms, and the list goes on and on. I can say that any question I had about the lace wig making process was answered with this program – nothing was left out!

Due to the fact that I was so eager to get her program and because I was one of the first 15 persons to purchase the program on the re-launch date, I also received free 30-day email counseling/training with Marquetta and will Marquetta host attending an in-person training seminar later in the summer. Although I didn’t think it was possible, I learned a lot and got confirmations to some questions I had by participating in the email counseling. She answered my questions quickly and was courteous and professional. If Marquetta ever decides to offer the email counseling to the general public (all purchasers of the program), I would highly recommend signing up for this service.

Finally – the cost, was it worth it? Absolutely! With the amount and quality of information you receive (this is not even including the information you get from the online training center), Marquetta could actually charge more! If you want to learn this process and want quality and valuable training information, you need to purchase this program…Looking elsewhere will be a waste of your time and energy. I highly recommend this program…Go out and order it …you will not be disappointed!

Chakita Kay, Bowie, MD

“I Came Away With A Full Wealth Of Knowledge That I Will Forever Be Thankful For!”

My name is Beverly from Tennessee, And I just want to thank Marquetta for having a incredible Lace Wig Mastery Training Seminar in a most encouraging environment. The training was very thorough, covering everything. She is very patient, she listens to you when you ask a question, and she makes sure you understand the right way to do the techniques. I also want to encourage anyone out there who wants to learn the skill of Lace Wig Making, that this is the training to take. Marquetta holds nothing back. She is a excellent teacher and I am so blessed by God He made it possible for me to attend The Lace Wig Seminar. It was the best investment ever. Also, Marquetta's staff were there helping all the way! I came away with a full wealth of knowledge that I will forever be thankful for. Thank you so much Marquetta for this opportunity for me to make a difference.

Beverly Hamilton,

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